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Die Söhne der Hexen - Ganze Episoden - Staffel 21 - Folge 06 When are the other boys getting there? Everybody just said sunset, which should be soon. You' re not doing it again. Well, what do you mean? It' always my Witches' Night with the boys.

We' re not bitchy about it. There are just a few more things.

How do you feel about that? Let#s go to the gourd plaster. What does she do that for every one? Hey, kid, let's go to the gourd plaster. Only prepared for the top party farm, sluts. Let us do it! Oh, yeah, my little Eric likes the pumkin plaster. It' one of his favourite events of the year! Yup, all set to go to the gourd plaster.

It' been open for over an hours now! No, it'?s not. Squash patch's gonna take a shot, is it? ls this the squash pat! { Laughs ] Hello, Mr. Mackey. So I got this book of spells last months. They' re saying it's not. What a great period that was! and I think they've stopped the shurro machines.

I' m not sure what you' re talking about. I' ve only just got here! There' s a hag! So have you ever had any news of what went down last evening? You' ve never even seen it?! I knew that guy was a sleep code. Oh, what were you doing at the bash? All we did was hang out and talk and that, and then it' s just Chipgot's a weirdo.

Yeah, I just-- it's terrible! He' a wicked hag! I' m doing it with a flying sorceress. Word is she blows up the cobbler. Any of you see that? I' m always trying to get to the pumkin plaster very early. No, we just have to hope the cops take care of it.

That could be on us. What? That's my only way out. Who do you think you're going to? Well, what do you mean? It' the second of Witches' Week with the boys. There' s no way you can think again about doing this! randy a genuine with itflying around in Thesky snap kids! for you to wear a hag and party outfit.

All because of a wicked hag a few years ago?! It' like a hag... thing. It' like a witch-hunt thing! It' a hag... uh... It' s a hag and it' s shooting her down! Hey, what the hell is that? You can' do this. This whole city is really on a hunt. Look at this, people. In order to annihilate a hag, you need nine curved holes, each in an" L" form.

Which are curved mines? Well, I think I found out! So what is the scariest place in the city? Who the hell are you talkin' about? That'?s how we get Himi out. It was the Wicked witch! What do you care about a hag?! That'?s not possible! The next avenue you want to murder someone for yourself, just leave it out. Who's using our city. how you can save yourselves.

At first, however, to what they see as "witch-hunt". There are good witches and there are evil ones when they say that this particular hag has to be overthrown. We' re trying to deal with a real hag. Because you' re all little boys and bitches, and we' re going after kids. It'?s just the other bitches.

How do you like that? For all you've got? And have some tricks on yourselves. You know? I' ve already chosen our costumes. The past. And tell everyone about the cracks. It' all right. and I want Lindas to know about me first. We're putting innocent spells on our women.

That'?s what these chase things do, okay? I' ve got to clear my consciousness. Could you just give us till tomorrow mornings? It' all right. It' all right. Hey, it's Frandy. To go and die for Damien. Don't you think we should stay on the highways, eric? That seems like a terrible place to be right now.

Don't fret, heidi. It's the quickest way to the fun. That'?s what this is about? You' re still pissed about the pumkin plaster, aren't you? Can' say I blame you for missing the pumkin plaster. Well, what was that!? Have you heard that?! Now, now, what have we got here? And we can't find our father either! they were all part of the same group of witches!

We' ve asked our mothers, and they said it's been going on for years. We can' do this! Mr. Everett, you have an emergency call from a butter' s stoch. You have reached the chairman. Oh, it's all right. It'?s a little harder than I thought. You calling me just bullshit on my halloween?

All I have to do now is celebrate on my own. Oh, that guy's always been such a jerk. Yeah, it's just a camera outta nowhere. But had a simple Munich girl dressmaker from Munich, who thought what you did might wear the wick? I' m just saying, if there's a big fat hag dressed like Hansel & Grethel.

I' ll take your shield, sire! A call just came in. She was discovered at the house of Rosse for Less! What is all this about? Why are we here? It' too latefor you, Stephan. What?! Wh-what are you doing? She is a wicked hag! I' ll see what this is. That witchhunt thing has now got you on a witchhunt thing!

It' over, stoch! So, what did you do with the kids? They' re on their own chase right now. That'?s insane! I' m a hag. Everybody thinks of you, right? I' m guessing our sorceresses will sacrifice your bitch, but then the wicked bitch showed up and now the bitch just accepted--

Are all of them? One second! Just a second! It'?s gonna take a while. Cool, I'm just gonna put on some lipstick. Are these socks compatible with this dress? Do you think I should put on a hoody? Nah, hides my costume too much, don't you think?

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